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    What is UX Design and why does it matter?

    UX Design is simple and is not supposed to even be seen by the viewer, it either WORKS or DOES NOT there are no tow ways about it.

    Back in the early 90′s when I first started designing websites we were just called web designers today we are more as the web has evolved and with the advent of mobile and hand held products UX design has become it’s own discipline, back in the day we would just start hacking together a site in Photoshop and build some code and launch it that was really the extent of it we where really only dealing with the subjectivity of the client whether they like purple, orange, green or blue or maybe a photo of his kid in there! that was it.

    It wasn’t until around 2002-2003 where I actually noticed the User Experience Discipline actually starting to grow, I was working for KRAFT at the time and they had a content management system that they used because they had to deliver so much content for so many different products we would focus on actual Templates we called them they were actually wire frames like the one below.

    Realizing that focusing on the structure of the site before we focused on content (writing & photos) and then design really helped build a tighter design in the end, in the old days we would have to go back and start editing code and graphics and we always had scope creep before because we realized that the user was not getting the best experience from the site so it became very cumbersome and in the end sometimes the band aids made the site looked disjointed and really did not satisfy the clients needs as it was intended too.

    The way I approach every “Web Design” project now is to look at it first from a UX perspective, If I could make every site just ONE BIG BUTTON and it did whatever it was supposed to do I would have done my job, but we all know in the real world you cannot do that so we widdle it down the the most easiest way to navigate the content and information on the site.

    We are not building websites we are building experiences now

    That is exactly what we are doing sites, applications, interactive signage, screens whatever digital we interact with is now a User Experience even a car has a User Experience how it drives, hugs the road, excels down the high way, when I say Toyota you think one way when I say Mercedes you think another way that is all based from the User Experience and that translates into most importantly Brand Experience.

    Matthew DeFede is a Freelance Consultant UX/Digital Designer and runs a small studio: defede media

    Digital Design is Dead.

    I consult with many small companies and major corporations in the financial & healthcare industry and the one trend that I have been seeing in the last couple of years is a trend that is killing the web & digital design, we are allowing DEVELOPMENT to dictate the design of all the materials we our deploying. We are more concerned with how fast and how much content we can deliver, we are always looking for faster ways to update content push put the next marketing piece to make sure we make  that dead line and most of the time they are artificial deadlines usually to satisfy just one person or several people and we lose the initial intent of the piece or work we are putting out there. I think we need to re-focus and it would be a good thing to really make a conscious effort to put out QUALITY work that represents the brand and the depth and breath of the company, business or service we are using the digital asset for without getting distracted. I believe in quality over quantity. The web & digital marketing is always evolving always changing but the one thing that never changes is QUALITY. Let’s look at some TV stations you have the quality channels and the garbage junk channels with nothing but reality shows, why would you build a beautiful brand with great content and just wrap it in garbage? that is what we do when we don’t take the time to think and DESIGN it does everyone an injustice, as far as I know there are a couple of companies doing it right APPLE is one they focus on that product that look at every detail, the packaging, the brochures, it’s so nice when you buy an apple product you keep the box!

    My point here is we have been focused on getting content out faster and we have people in this industry that love to talk fast and throw out some techno babble just to confuse clients and clients don’t want to look silly so they just agree, I get hired not to talk over my clients head but to actually produce something for them they don’t need to know every little detail on how the process is laid out unless they really want to but most of the time they don’t, I like to keep it simple and clean, but the one thing that does not change is the quality of the piece, the colors, the fonts, the photography that is something that developers should not be controlling because it will deploy quicker why should you sacrifice the quality of the work your putting out there? the developers are trying to put there best work out there as well, now I’m not bashing developers or programmers by any means, I’m just saying there is a definite line where design ends and development begins.

    Now that the web/digital/mobile is now really fragmented we have different areas of discipline to focus one, User Experience, User Interface, Wireframing, User Cases, User Flows etc. etc. This came out of the frustration of bad user experience and it has kind of evolved, digital is not going away it’s just morphing into something else and the more technology we have the more Creative Directors, Art Directors and Designers are going to have to struggle too not let the technology dictate what should be deployed on the web and so on. If you have any questions of Digital Design feel free to email me at

    S.E.O is Dead As We Know It

    SEO Is Dead

    Here lies SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with GOOGLE putting the final nail in the coffee in 2012 for SEO (at least the way we knew it) Businesses have some new challenges in how to make their website rise to the top of the pile in the Search Engines.

    As Meta Data, Title Tags, Inbound Links become less and less relevant, content yest CONTENT is going back to being king, but wait! write my content with keywords and link them back to your website your thinking right? WRONG! GOOGLE has been making Anchor Tags less relevant as well, the only way actually rise in the rankings these days is to actual write real content that actually is useful, sounds weird right? Writing GOOD, RELEVANT CONTENT with GOOD SUBSTANCE and also being part of the Social World, Facebook, Twitter etc. Basically the more people that actually visit and interact with your website on that particular subject is how your going to rank, it kind of “Humanizes” the web.

    Of course now since GOOGLE has change up their Algorithms, they are pushing us more to use Pay Per Click (AdWords) to make a site rise quickly within the ranks and that of course has been their plan for a long while now, its not 100% yet but I assume in 2013 they will perfect that.

    Here Are 5 Quick Things You Can Do To Help Your Organic Rankings While GOOGLE is Still Working To Kill SEO

    1) Make Sure Your Content is Relevant To Your Subject

    2) Have a Killer Domain With A Keyword In It

    3) Use the Alt Tags & Name Your Images Properly

    4) 2-3% Keyword in Your Content (Do Not Stuff)

    5) Add A Site Map To Your Site As Well

    Even Small Mom & Pop Businesses Can Benefit From Facebook

    Even Small Mom & Pop Businesses Can Benefit From Facebook

    Facebook for small business

    Yes even small retail shops can benefit from Facebook pages!

    Why Facebook? Because word of mouth is the best advertising money cannot buy, but social media sites like Facebook now make it possible to have a presence locally with Facebook fan pages and now word-of-mouth advertising is alive and living well on Facebook.

    How? Facebook fan pages are for local, stores and businesses so that they can communicate, sell product handle customer service all online and the best part is that Facebook does not charge for this service, it actually builds your brand locally allows you to connect with your customers on a truly local level.

    Marketing is going local and people will pay a little bit more for value as well, if your a local shoe store and your able to connect with customers and deliver coupons, specials or sales you are now able to compete with the larger retail stores, you are also building your brand and handling any customer issues right away, people are able to tell their friends about your store and your products much easier with the click of a mouse.

    How Can I Get My Business On Facebook? Call our office at 973-846-0065 or email me to schedule a Free consultation and we can develop an online marketing solution just for your business.

    More Patients for your Medical Practice

    This is what we do as a company for our clients to help them gain more patients.

    More Patients For Your Medical Practice

    Cosmetic Surgery Website Design

    Do you need a website for your Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Practice? We are professionals when it comes to developing online marketing programs for Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Surgeons, We understand how Cosmetic Surgery Patients think and how they Search for the Doctor to perform a Rhinoplasty, Facelift, Breast Enhancements and more. We also understand that you are very busy running your business and do not have time to play with social media and websites, thats why we do it for you from Website Design, Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Marketing we can help you drive patients to your practice!

    NJ Website Design & Social Medial Marketing

    NJ Website Design & Social Media Marketing

    Social Media: Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ Do Help Your Search Engine Rankings

    Social Media Marketing Increases Your Search Engine Rankings

    I have been preaching this to clients for the last year or so, Yes Social Media Interaction does effect your search engine ranking that is why we build fan pages four our clients and we constantly add content and link backs to the main web sites, that is why we build GOOGLE+ buttons, Pinterest accounts with engaging imagery lining back to the main web site. The question to me is why do I need a Facebook page? well there are several reasons:

    1. A Facebook fan page is a secondary landing page w a unique URL that gets indexed
    2. To engage with your sphere of influence and attract more clients on facebook
    3. To help you build your search engine ranking
    4. Give clients & customers a voice
    5. Build you brand and create “mind share”

    I know there are a couple of more out there but this should be a very compelling reason to have a Facebook fan page. The next question “why should I have a twitter account”

    1. To build a fan base
    2. To Engage Customers
    3. To Build Inbound Links
    4. To share recent news

    Now twitter is a quick blogging platform that has become more important in the world of Search Engine optimization as well, you can now add video & photos as well as quick updates that point back to your conversion pages.

    Any way you look at it the more social media interaction that your involved in the better for the brand, good engaging content is always the best and these type of online conversations will boost your rankings in all of the search engines as well.

    Automotive Advertising in New Jersey

    defede media  is an automotive advertising leader and we have a specialized team in place for every advertising and marketing requirement you may want to implement. Need to get a grip around your social media marketing like Facebook, You Tube and Twitter? No problem… Our Facebook fan pages, You Tube Channels and Twitter accounts are custom tailored to the look and feel of your existing website and deliver huge dividends by engaging with consumers first.

    Need on page SEO, Google analytics or your Adwords campaigns optimized for maximum search engine visibility? Automotive Advertising Is s our passion and it shows in our results! We run some of the tightest campaigns with the lowest CPC in the industry and we are well versed on how to drive laser targeted leads directly to your sales message at the most opportune moments.

    Automotive Advertising

    Get Your Medical Practice Website Working, Rank Your Website Higher in GOOGLE!

    Do you currently have a website but its not doing anything for you? is it ranking well in GOOGLE, YAHOO & Bing? are you building your brand online with Facebook, Twitter, Linked in & Google Plus? If not you should be! I get asked all the time by potential clients “Why should I hire You When I can Do It Myself” and my usual answer is, You would not be talking to someone like me if you were already doing what you needed to do to build a strong online reputation and make your website a viable lead source for your business.

    What we do is fix your website so it does rank higher in the search engines and we keep it there! we build your brand and create “mind share” so potential clients become aware of your brand, your product or service and we also develop the customized content that goes along with it as well.

    If your have a Medical Practice and you do not rely on insurance companies to drive your practice & patients give us a call today!